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That's My Manheim

No matter what you come to Manheim for there’s a product, service or team member in place to help drive your success. Manheim saves you time and money, minimizes risk and helps grow your business, by doing whatever it takes. We’re not just an auction, we’re your Manheim. Discover all the ways Manheim can help grow your business in the sections below.

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Save Time
& Money

Manheim products and services help you save time and money outside the lanes. Every solution gives you the freedom to make deals without stressing over every administrative detail.

Keep Tabs
On Your Cars

Have your eyes on a number of vehicles? Simply save them to Workbook for easy access at a later time, from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Check Out Without 

a Headache

Checking out of the auction should be simple. My Purchases lets you check out online, and gives you more time to move even more vehicles.

Buy & sell 

without being there

You don’t have to be at the auction to improve your inventory. With OVE, you can buy and sell 24/7.

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Risk is a big part of the car business, but there are ways to lessen it. A whole host of Manheim products and services protect you and your business and give you more control against the unknown.

Protect yourself from unknowns.

DealShield and Post-Sale Inspection products help eliminate surprises when vehicles arrive at your lot, giving you total confidence in what you’re purchasing.

Gain knowledge to make faster decisions.

The right price is important, for both buyers and sellers. Stockwave puts all the book values, condition and history reports from any auction at your fingertips so you can compare prices and source the right inventory.

Always be selling. Always be adding inventory.

Proxybid allows you to set the price you want and purchase a vehicle even if you can’t attend the sale. That way, you don’t miss a beat when it comes to managing your inventory.

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To keep your retail business prospering, you need to move forward confidently and decisively in the right direction. Manheim helps you keep the pedal down, providing products and services you can use at the auction and beyond to deliver more profit.

The tools to build your inventory.

Welcome to “virtual inventory.” With Retail View, you can show a customer a vehicle that may or may not be on your lot. That client can even purchase your “virtual” vehicle.

Sell without being at the auction.

Without being on site, you can make sell decisions using Remote Seller. In the Seller Dashboard, you're able to view your portfolio at all times.

Grow your buying power.

NextGear Capital gives you more purchasing power. Plus, you can get a vehicle floor planned when you check out using My Purchases.

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