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Ready Logistics

Full-Service Logistics. Ready Logistics connects shippers and carriers on a full-service platform and handles all details of the move.

Shippers save time as Ready Logistics selects the ideal carrier based on performance and competitive pricing.

  • Guaranteed quotes & delivery estimates
  • 6,500+ fully vetted carriers
  • Centralized billing & client care
  • Track the status of a move at any time
  • Gate pass coordination at Manheim locations

Central Dispatch

Self-Managed Logistics. Central Dispatch connects shippers directly with carriers on a self-managed monthly subscription platform.

Shippers save money by negotiating with and dispatching directly to carriers.

  • Review carrier ratings to select the ideal carrier
  • Set the price & timing of a move
  • Include or exclude specific carriers from personal network
  • Free 30-day trial

Benefits of Manheim Logistics

Ready Logistics

Central Dispatch

6,500 Carriers

6,500 qualified carrier partners.

175,000 Delivered

Qualified carrier partners delivering 175,000 vehicles monthly.

7,000 Shippers

Over 7,000 shippers nationwide.

55,000 Trucks

55,000+ trucks criss-crossing the U.S. each week.

Optimized end-to-end transportation process

Take control of your transportation needs.

Ready Logistics Shipping Price

Free custom quotes based on vehicle origin, destination and volume via and 480.558.3200.

Central Dispatch Shipping Price

First month free
0-2 Post(s)/Month $59.95
3-6 Posts/Month $94.95
7-30 Posts/Month $134.95
31-200 Posts/Month $159.95
Unlimited $169.95
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