Katie Thompson, a Client Engagement Specialist at Manheim Fredericksburg, recently sat down with Tom Giddings of Lustine Automall to collect feedback on his experience with Manheim Express.

Tom has been with Lustine for five years and shared he has worked in all areas of the business. The last year and a half, he has been focused on the wholesale side of the business and working with Manheim.

How long have you been using Manheim Express?

I started using Manheim Express when the app first released, playing with it here and there. I really found success and started using it a lot in the last two months putting a lot more cars on there.

What has your experience been like using the Manheim Express app?

It’s been phenomenal. It’s an extremely easy and smooth process. There are a few questions to clarify everything on the car and then getting all of the pictures done is simple. Piece of cake. And then, even getting them done at the dealership before getting them down here is also really simple and easy. It’s been awesome.

Do you utilize vAuto while using Manheim Express?

I do, actually. We use vAuto for appraising the cars instore, and because Manheim is integrated with it, we can actually get a Guaranteed First Bid right there at the store before we finish the appraisal process. We’ll use that in almost every deal.

Would you recommend Manheim Express?

Absolutely. Everybody should be using it. It’s a phenomenal tool.

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