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Mohamad B. from LBC Auto Sales Inc. in Houston, Texas has a great Manheim Express success story.

Mohamad had been trying to sell his vehicles through retail only. He did not have enough cars to run through the lanes and needed an easy and quick solution to off-load aging inventory.

Read on to learn more about how Manheim Express has improved Mohamad’s business from his own words.

Before Manheim Express, I was facing the following challenges:

We were retail only until I was introduced to Manheim Express. We do not have to worry about having poor numbers to run in the auction. We now have the ability to wholesale online. We either accept an offer or not. We always do because offers are unbeatable and guarantee sales.

I tried out Manheim Express because:

I was able to move more cars each month that increase my monthly profit.

Manheim Express has helped me and my business by:

Increasing my profit, faster sales and quick turn-around. Also, by moving old inventory from my lot.

My favorite thing about Manheim Express is:

Guaranteed First Bid and low sell fee

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