Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the inventory available on, OVE and the Manheim ExpressSM app?

Manheim Express inventory listed through the Manheim Express app or our Concierge Service is always priced aggressively with intent to move. Manheim Express inventory is also always fresh, as the exclusive Guaranteed First BidSM is only available when listing Manheim Express inventory.

OVE is a 24/7 online source for vehicles from Manheim, independent auctions, commercial and dealer inventory, and more. is a website where you can access Manheim auctions and inventory that Manheim sells across all of its channels.

Where I can buy Manheim Express inventory?

You can access Manheim Express inventory through the Manheim Express app, or by filtering “Manheim Express” on OVE or the Manheim mobile app /

How do I sell inventory on Manheim Express?

In order to list inventory to sell via Manheim Express, you must download and use the Manheim Express app or have one of our Concierge team members come to your lot and list for you.

How do I sign up for the Manheim Express Concierge Service for selling?

Contact your local Manheim sales rep or call 1-866-MANHEIM to get started.

What does the Concierge team do?

The Manheim Express Concierge Team offers a turn-key solution for moving inventory quickly and effectively, right from your lot. In addition to completing vehicle inspections, imaging, recommending vehicle values, and listing your vehicles, these trusted advisors partner with you on your overall remarketing strategy. This full-service approach saves time, allowing you to manage all other aspects your business. Contact your local Manheim sales rep or call 1-866-MANHEIM to get started.

What is a Guaranteed First BidSM?

Our Guaranteed First Bid puts a competitive real-time bid on your car to place it in the Manheim Marketplace for a maximum of two sales cycles. If the car does not sell within 48 hours of being listed, Manheim guarantees to buy it at the Guaranteed First Bid price.

What are my next steps when my vehicle sells on Manheim Express?

If the vehicle is on your lot, you should work with the Dealer Services team at the facilitating auction location. A Manheim Team member will provide further guidance and will verify when it’s ok for you to release the vehicle to the buyer. A few important things to keep in mind:

  • Never transfer the title directly to the buyer. Please turn the title in to Manheim as you normally would.
  • Buyers are responsible for vehicle pick-up. Please contact the facilitating auction location to determine when it’s ok to release the vehicle to the buyer as noted above.

If the vehicle is at the auction, you will receive a purchase confirmation email with all the details you need. Simply turn the title in (if you haven’t already) as you normally would.

What are my next steps if I choose to redeem a Guaranteed First BidTM Offer?

You will receive an email notifying you that you are eligible to redeem your Guaranteed First Bid Offer. The email is sent to the contact email address on-file with your account. (Manheim Client Care can resend the email if you are unable to find it.) Here’s how to redeem the offer:

  • Respond to the email within 48 hours of the original timestamp. Offers expire after 48 hours and are no longer valid.
  • After responding to the email, you have seven (7) calendar days to transport the vehicle and checked-in to the facilitating auction location. Please turn-in the title with the vehicle, or as soon as possible. Payment cannot be processed until the title is received.
  • After check-in, the vehicle will inspected at the auction. If there are any discrepancies between the original condition report and the at-auction inspection, a Manheim team member will contact you.
  • Assuming no discrepancies, you can expect payment to be processed within three business days after the vehicle AND title are received.


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