Manheim Decisioning

Make smarter,
data-driven buy
and sell decisions
with M Logic™


Transform the way you buy and sell cars with M LOGIC. This suite of decisioning products brings the power of Manheim and Cox Automotive data, tools and insights to help you make smarter, real-time decisions and take action for faster inventory turns at every step of the wholesale life cycle.

Suite of Tools

  • Valuation

    Transact on the right car with the right price with gold standard valuations from MMR.
  • Optimization

    Optimize pricing, location distribution and recon decisions with data-driven information.
  • Personalization

    We deliver personalized vehicle recommendations and product offers because we know you and understand your needs.

Value vehicles given their specific mileage, AutoGrade condition, exterior color and region with highly accurate MMR data and OEM build data.

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Pricing Optimization

Use VIN-specific vehicle attributes to set accurate auction floor prices in-lane or on digital channels. Increase retention and conversion, lift profits per vehicle.

Location Optimization

Optimize vehicle distribution to increase profit net of transportation- and depreciation-related costs and to send cars to where the right buyers are.

Recon Optimization

Maximize price retention or return on reconditioning spend with VIN-specific repair recommendations.


Get relevant offers and personalized vehicle recommendations that help you find the right inventory faster and more easily.

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