EV valuations are dependent on the condition of the battery pack. Manheim has developed its own testing hardware to physically test the battery condition to determine what percentage of a vehicle’s original battery capacity remains.

Conducted with a 5-minute test through the vehicle’s OBDII port, we can produce a VIN-specific battery score you can trust.

Scores are graded 1-5, representing the percentage of original capacity that remains.

• 5 – 100%
• 4 – 75%
• 3 – 50%
• 2 – 25%
• 1 – 0%

In pilot testing, 7 EV models are calibrated for testing. Additional models will be released as we gather sufficient data to validate
the results.

Pilot locations are in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Riverside, San Francisco Bay, SoCal, Dallas, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, and Seattle.

Note that Tesla models newer than 2015 do not have an OBDII port and are not compatible with this testing methodology.