Manheim Express

Effective Date of 10/9/2023

With the Manheim Express Concierge Inspection (the “Concierge Inspection”), the car is now covered by Seller Release, as described below. As part of the Concierge Inspection service package, our team conducts a mechanical, cosmetic, and structural inspection on each vehicle receiving a Concierge Inspection. Each Concierge Inspection comes with the benefit of Seller Release. “Seller Release” protects Sellers who obtain a Concierge Inspection from arbitrations relating to that vehicle’s condition.

Manheim Express backs the Concierge Inspection results for each vehicle by agreeing to stand in the Seller’s place for arbitration of any claims that are directly tied to the Concierge Inspection Report. Seller Release is a multi-channel release that applies to vehicles inspected by the Manheim Express Concierge team and sold in the Manheim Marketplace associated only with a Concierge Inspection Report and all corresponding disclosures arising from such Concierge Inspection Report. (For clarity, the guarantee does not apply to any other kind of inspection report.) For the avoidance of doubt, Seller Release does not cover arbitration claims related to History, Odometer, Title, Brandings, Vehicle Information, Force Majeure, or Vehicle Availability. Additionally, certain vehicles are ineligible for Seller Release protection, and certain Seller acts or omissions will nullify the Seller Release.

The following are ineligible for Seller Release coverage:

  • Vehicles without a Condition Grade or a Condition Grade of 0.0.
  • Vehicles with History Issues as defined by NAAA policy including, but not limited to, items such as Total Loss, Theft, Lemon Law, Taxi, Voided Factory Warranty, Flood, Fire, TMU, Title, Odometer, State Issued Vin Plates, etc.
  • EV/Hybrid batteries and motors.
  • Drivetrain components (Transmission, Drive shaft, Transfer Case, Differential, Axle, etc.)
  • Alternative fuel, hydrogen vehicles, and conversions (Natural gas, etc.).
  • Vehicles valued, offered, or sold with a price of $75,000 or higher.
  • Vehicles that are inoperable or unsafe to drive at the time of inspection. Seller must list vehicles that are inoperable or unsafe to drive as “AS-IS”.
  • Vehicles previously purchased with an As-Is or Red-Light announcement.
  • Vehicles previously purchased or offered for sale in a TRA branded sale or TRA lane.
  • Vehicles listed with an As-Is, Red-Light, or TRA announcement. See link for further information.
  • See Ineligible Vehicle List Below

The following nullify Seller Release coverage:

  • Any failure by the seller to provide required Announcements per NAAA policy/Manheim Marketplace Policies (i.e., previously announced conditions, standing structural brands, etc.);
  • Disabling monitors, tampering with OEM equipment/setting, or bypassing dashboard.
  • Changes to vehicle condition following the inspection (e.g., becomes inoperable, transportation and lot damage that occurs after our inspection) as determined by arbitrator.
  • Selling or attempting to sell a vehicle with missing or inoperable SRS systems.
  • Clearing diagnostic lights or codes without successfully completing related repairs.
  • Removal of previous Manheim Disclosures and Announcements without successfully completing related repairs.
  • Vehicle with aftermarket parts and/or replacement parts that do not meet OEM Requirements.
  • Arbitrations that are the result of pending OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
  • Vehicles that have broken or unresponsive OBD II Ports.
  • CRs that are completed indoors or in areas with limited drivability.
Ineligible Vehicle List:
Exotic and/or handmade vehicles (including but not limited to):
Aston Martin Koenigsegg Panoz
Bentley Lamborghini Pagani
Bugatti Lotus Rolls Royce
Caterham Maybach Ferrari
  • Vehicle Models that average an annual production rate at or below 4,000 vehicles within the three most recently completed production years.
  • Kit vehicles
  • Homemade vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Trucks & Heavy Equipment categorized in Class A and B with Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,000 pounds or heavier.
Make Model's Excluded
Acura NSX; PMC edition; Type S
Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio; 4C; 8C
Audi R8; RS; SQ; Avant
BMW Alpina; M models
Cadillac V models
Chevrolet Corvette
Chrysler SRT8
Dodge Viper; Demon; Hellcat; SRT8
Fiat Abarth
Ford GT350; GT 500; Raptor; Focus RS; Shelby F150; Roush; Shelby; Cobra; GT
Hummer H1
Honda Type R
Jaguar F-Type
Jeep Trackhawk
Lexus IS-F; RCF; GSF
Maserati Levante; Quattriporte; GranTurismo; MC 20
Mazda MazdaSpeed
Mercedes Benz Maybach Models; G wagon; AMG
Mini John Cooper Works; GP
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Nissan GTR
Porsche 911
Ram trucks TRX
Toyota GR
Volkswagen Golf R