Manheim North America Update
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Client Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: August 31, 2020 10:21 AM ET

Please note: All buyers, sellers and their agents are responsible for adhering to any national, state and local restrictions on business operation, which may include participating in wholesale transactions and which may impinge or hinder access to vehicles. This may include activities related to selling, purchasing or transporting vehicles.

If you have questions regarding inventory preview at select Manheim Locations, please review our Auction Lot Preview Accessibility FAQs.


Q: What areas will be restricted for access during this time?
A: All facilities and sale lanes are closed to buyers and sellers at all times, however select Manheim locations are transitioning to a Digital Block sale format beginning June 23. Digital Block sales offer in lane bidding with a live auctioneer, however vehicles will not run through the lanes. Auction lots will be available for inventory preview only. Visit the auction status tracker for more details.
Q: I have not been using leveraging the digital tools. How can I find out more information on how to access or use these tools?
A: Please contact your local Manheim Sales Representative or a member of Manheim Client Care at 866-MANHEIM (626-4346) or visit the Manheim Learning Center [] for an overview of the digital tools.
Q: Will we still be able to preview inventory at the auction?
A: Manheim sale lots are currently accessible for preview. Please visit for preview days and times. Please note that offices and facilities will remain closed. Inventory can also be previewed online at
Q: Will cars be running down the lane in the Simulcast-only format?
A: No. Sales will take place in a Postcard format with images only. Vehicles will not run down the lanes. Beginning June 23, select Manheim locations are transitioning to a Digital Block sale format where in lane bidding will be available. Visit the auction status tracker for more details.
Q: Will we be able to use the auction computers or use the auctions digital lounge to access the sale?
A: No, all office areas, tech centers, and lounges will be closed. Please use our digital tools available at to place proxy bids or attend a sale via Simulcast.
Q: Will Simulcast Success Fees be waived during this time? [UPDATED]
A: Starting Monday, March 16 through December 31, 2020, Manheim will be waiving the Simulcast Success Fee for both buyers and sellers. We will continue to evaluate and communicate any further changes.
Q: What if I am a dealer seller running units in the sale? Am I able to rep my units on-site at the auction?
A: Beginning June 8, Manheim will offer sellers the opportunity to represent their vehicles physically on the block. Please be sure to contact the auction to confirm your attendance if you are planning to represent your vehicles in person. Some locations may have limited seller capacity due to operating constraints. Additionally, start dates for block accessibility may vary by location. Please review the FAQs related to physically representing your vehicles on the block.
Q: What if I am a dealer seller running units in the sale? Am I able to rep my units on-site at the auction?
A: Dealer clients will not be allowed on-site during sales, and we highly recommend that you use Remote Seller to rep your vehicles in real-time. Staff will be limited to represent on your behalf. Simulcast Success seller fees will not be applied to purchases. Please also note that all dealer units will be required to have floor prices prior to the sale. Commercial reps are also permitted to rep their vehicles on sale day.
Q: How will I get a bidder badge for the sale?
A: All Simulcast-only sale check-in will take place on If you are attending a Manheim locations offering in lane bidding, you will utilize the kiosk to check in and obtain your bidder badge.
Q: Are all floorplans available for vehicle payment?
A: Manheim has been informed by several Floorplan Agencies that they are not accepting flooring requests until further notice. All pending requests for these agencies have been automatically rejected and they will temporarily be hidden from the list of available agencies on If you have any questions related to flooring with NextGear Capital, please contact your local representative.
Here is a list of Floorplan Agencies that have informed Manheim they are not currently accepting any new flooring requests on behalf of any dealer as of 3/23/20 : Oremor Financial Services, LLD, Oriental Bank (PRAA) [Puerto Rico], Candle Coop (PRAA)
Q: How will I be able to make payments for vehicles and charges on my account? [UPDATED]
A: Effective September 1, Manheim is asking clients to no longer pay at the auction locations. Payments should be made online using the ACH function or floor plan at Alternatively, checks can be mailed to the below addresses. Please note that the new addresses below which are effective immediately. For any questions related to your account, please reach out to auction management or click here for additional information.
Standard Mail: Cox Automotive, In.c, 105156 Atlanta, GA 30348-5156
Overnight Mail: Cox Automotive, Inc., Attn: Lockbox 105156, 3585 Atlanta Avenue, Hapeville GA 30354-1705
Q: How are late fees handled?
A: Manheim will no longer waive late fees as of May 15. Our standard late fee policy will be reestablished at that time. As explained in our policy, your payment is due on the date of purchase. A 2% late fee on day six of vehicle invoice aging will apply. If payment is not received by 12:01am on day six of vehicle invoice aging, a late fee will be assessed. Please note that clients have been extended a grace period until May 15 to pay any outstanding invoices prior to being assessed a late fee.
Q: How will seller proceeds be handled?
A: Seller proceeds will not be distributed at any Manheim location. All seller proceeds will be dispersed based on your seller profile. ACH and Automatic Checks will be dispersed through the normal process. Checks on Demand will not be available for in-person pick up. Please review these steps []to set your account for automatic payments so you can receive your proceeds.
Q: How will arbitration claims be handled?
A: All arbitrations can be handled online. On, go into My Purchases to start the arbitration process for any vehicle that is eligible, no matter of purchase location or channel.
Q: Will there be modifications made to Arbitration guidelines?
A: No. At this time, all arbitration rules and regulations remain in place as established per NAAA.
Q: How will titles be processed during this time?
A: Sellers: Titles will not be accepted in person at Manheim locations. All titles should be sent to the local auction via a carrier service of your choice. Seller payments will not be made until valid titles are received by the auction.
Buyers: Due to the closure of Manheim offices, clients are no longer able to pick up titles marked as Counter Release. Manheim will be shipping all of these titles out via FedEx to the default title shipping starting Monday 3/23.
Q: Is the title absent arbitration policy still in effect?
A: Due to the closure of DMVs across the country at the onset of COVID-19, title absent vehicles purchased on or after March 1 were not eligible for arbitration based on the title being absent at the time of sale. With the reopening of DMVs nationwide, beginning July 1, Manheim will reinstate its standard title absent arbitration policy. The outline below aligns the vehicle purchase timeline with the date in which the standard policies apply:
For purchases made prior to March 1, standard policies apply.

For purchases, between March 1 and June 30, standard policies apply beginning July 1. Update: Arbitration timeframes for titles will be reinstated on July 1. For the purposes of arbitration, July 1 is considered 'day one' as it relates to the policy for these vehicles.

For purchases made on or after July 1, standard policies apply.
Q: How will title absent fees be handled?
A: Due to the closure of DMVs across the country at the onset of COVID-19, Manheim waived title absent fees for sellers who consigned vehicles without a valid title beginning March 17, 2020. With the reopening of DMVs nationwide, Manheim will be reinstating title absent fees on August 1, 2020. Any vehicles sold as of this time without a valid title will be subject to a title absent fee as determined by local auction policies.
Q: Is the 72-hour unwind policy still in effect for OVE, Manheim Express, and Private Store vehicle purchases?
A: No, as of May 8, this policy has been suspended. We will evaluate reinstating if the need arises.
Q: Will transporters & buyers still be able to pick up and drop off vehicles?
A: Delivery and pickup of vehicle inventory will be based on local staff availability and if local ordinance permits. Please verify gate hours on prior to coordinating transportation.
Q: How can I or my transporter obtain a gate pass if they don’t have one already?
A: Gate passes must be printed prior to arrival at the auction for vehicle pickup. Printers will not be accessible for on-site printing. Visit for a step by step guide on how to print your gate pass.
Q: How can I coordinate picking up no-sales from the sale, or process vehicle redemptions?
A: The redemption process will still be supported, but only by scheduled appointments in a secure location based on local staff availability. Contact the auction to coordinate any no-sales needing to be picked up prior to coordinating transportation.
Q: I’m unable to access Simulcast or Remote Seller due to restrictions on my Firewall. What can I do?
A : If you are experiencing any Firewall restrictions, you may need to whitelist our IP addresses to allow access to Simulcast and Remote Seller. Please contact Client Care at 866-MANHEIM (866-626-4346) for a full list of IP addresses to whitelist.
Q: Is DealShield continuing to offer purchase protection?
A: Yes. At this time, DealShield remains committed to supporting our clients. While the DealShield Return Guarantee is designed to protect against the typical unknown risks of wholesale purchasing, it is not meant to protect against severe market changes. Visit the DealShield website to apply for coverage.
Q: Can I still order a PSI for my purchases?
A: A post-sale inspection (PSI) may be available to buyers of qualified units, depending on the location of the vehicle. PSI provides a hands-on inspection to inform dealers of the current mechanical state of the vehicle. Check the Manheim Auction Status tracker to see if the location you plan to buy from is currently providing inspection services.