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Client Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: September 16, 2021

Please note: All buyers, sellers and their agents are responsible for adhering to any national, state and local restrictions on business operation, which may include participating in wholesale transactions and which may impinge or hinder access to vehicles. This may include activities related to selling, purchasing or transporting vehicles.

Auction Access
Is a face covering required?

Based on CDC guidance, and to limit any potential risks to our clients and team members, some of our Manheim locations require face masks be worn while indoors, regardless of vaccination status which includes the lobby, offices, and other indoor areas but masks do not have to be worn when outdoors or in the arena.  Other locations do not require masks for individuals as long as they are fully vaccinated; however, those not fully vaccinated are required to wear masks while indoors. Please check with each location prior to visiting to be sure proper safety guidelines are being followed.

Do I need to complete an access form to visit an auction location?

All locations require visitors to complete either a COVID-19 Related Access Form (CRAF) or a Visitor Form prior to arriving to a location. It is important that you check with each location to determine which form is needed. When filling out either form, please take note of the following:  

  • The form can be completed any time prior to visiting a Manheim location
  • An email or text confirmation of completion will be sent by 8pm the day prior (if completing in advance of your visit)
  • Confirmations are required upon check in at the auction 
  • “Location Address” is the auction you are visiting 
  • “Reason for Visit” is Client (Sale, Preview)

Click here for access to the new Visitor Access Form.

Click here to access the COVID-19 Related Access Form (CRAF)

What other requirements do I need to be aware of prior to arriving at the auction?

A valid Auction ACCESS card and bidder badge are required to participate in the sale. Additionally, social distancing of six feet or more is required in the auction lanes. Floor markings will be placed appropriately.

Are any auction areas restricted at this time?

Select Manheim locations have opened front offices offering limited services, however other offices and facilities remain closed this time.

Will we be able to use auction computers or auction digital lounges to access the sale?

Auction computers and digital lounges may be accessible at select locations.  We recommend cleaning monitors and keyboards with available disinfectant prior to use. 

What if safety measures are not followed?

Failure to adhere to safety policies and procedures will result in removal from the property.

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Sale Day
What sale format will cars be offered during the auction sale?

At this time, select dealer and repo inventory will physically run through the lanes. Commercial inventory will remain in a Digital Block or Simulcast-only format. Simulcast-only sales will take place in a Postcard format with images only. Buyers will only be present in the lanes at select locations with Digital Block or Cars in Lane sales. Digital Block sales offer in lane bidding with a live auctioneer. Sales formats vary by location. Click here to view the status of each location. 

Why are you only running dealer and repo inventory in lane?

Units in these segments may be considered aged and often sell at lower price points when compared to the off-lease, rental, or program car segments, making a live inspection of these vehicles more essential for buyers.

Why has Manheim decided to run some cars down the lane? (hybrid approach)

Manheim believes a hybrid-model is the right approach to begin taking in select auction locations. This is based on direct client feedback with the goal of creating an experience that delivers convenience and efficiencies, regardless of how you choose to conduct business. Please reference our location status page to view locations for confirmed in lane sales.

If I am a seller running units in the sale am I able to rep my units on-site at the auction?

Select Manheim locations are offering sellers the opportunity to represent their vehicles  physically on the block. Please be sure to contact the auction to confirm your attendance if you are planning to represent your vehicles in person. Some locations may have limited seller capacity due to operating constraints.

Is the block set up to ensure my safety?

We have Plexiglass guards placed in between the seller, block clerk, and auctioneer. All parties on the block should be physically separated when possible. Please note that block clerks will be remote when possible. The seller area of the block will be thoroughly sanitized pre and post-use. Additionally, gavels, computers, and microphones should not be shared and will be cleansed after each use.

Will there be in person capacity limitations at the auctions?

Yes, capacity will be limited inside the auction arena to allow for social spacing and to meet local and state gathering requirements. Auction lots will not have capacity limits, other than local and state restrictions, and clients will be able to move freely between the auction arena and lot, provided the arena maintains capacity limits.

How will I be expected to interact in a live sale lane?

Social distancing of six feet or more is required in the auction lanes including keeping at least six feet away from the auctioneer booth. Floor markings will be placed appropriately. Clients are not permitted to approach the vehicle up for bid to inspect the interior, open hoods, or scan window stickers. Vehicle doors will be locked, and windows will be raised. Clients cannot interact with drivers or enter vehicles while they are moving through the lanes.

Is inventory preview available at the auctions?

Manheim sale lots are currently accessible for preview. Please visit location status page for preview days and times. Inventory can also be previewed online at

Where do I go once my sale ends?

Once your sale is complete, sellers must leave the building immediately through the designated exit area. Please note that the exit area will be a different access point from entrance.

Can I hold a meeting with auction leadership once my sale is complete?

Auction leadership will not hold meetings post-sale. Please reach out via phone or email to discuss needs or feedback. As a reminder, access to all auction offices (including personal offices) is prohibited at this time.

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How will I be able to make payments for vehicles and charges on my account?

Buyer payments will be accepted in person on a limited basis or in the designated drop box  that  will be available at many locations, however you can continue to make payments online via ACH or floor plan at Alternatively, you can mail your payment to the address below.

Standard Mail

Cox Automotive, Inc.

PO Box 105156

Atlanta, GA 30348-5156

Overnight Mail

Cox Automotive, Inc.

Attn: Lockbox 105156

3585 Atlanta Avenue

Hapeville, GA 30354-1705

How will titles be processed during this time?

Titles will be accepted in person at select front offices on a limited basis or in the designated drop box that will be available at many locations, however we strongly encourage you to mail your title. Seller payments will not be made until valid titles are received by the auction.

How will arbitration claims be handled?

All arbitrations can be handled online. On, go into My Purchases to start the arbitration process for any vehicle that is eligible, no matter the purchase location or channel. 

Will there be modifications made to Arbitration guidelines?

With the exception of Title Absent policies for some locations, all other arbitration rules and regulations remain in place as established per NAAA.

Is the title absent arbitration policy still in effect? 

Clients who purchase vehicles with a ‘title absent’ status at the locations listed in the chart below, will not be able to file a title arbitration claim until the new policy date. The chart below will be updated to align the vehicle purchase timeline with the date in which the policies apply. Standard title absent arbitration policy remains in effect at all other locations.

Purchases on or after January 3

Title Adjustment affected Manheim locations: 

Policy changed from 45 days to 30 days: 

Manheim Minneapolis 

Manheim Northstar Minnesota

Purchases on or after December 7

Title Adjustment affected Manheim locations: 

Policy changed from 21 days to 45 days: 

Manheim Portland

Purchases on or after June 14

Title Adjustment affected Manheim locations: 

Policy change from 45 days to 30 days: 

Manheim Albany 

Manheim Keystone PA 

Manheim New England 

Manheim New Jersey 

Manheim New York 

Manheim NY Metro Skyline 

Manheim Pennsylvania 

Manheim Philadelphia 

Manheim Pittsburgh

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