How to Add a Post-Sale Inspection (PSI) to Your Vehicle Purchase

Unexpected post-sale issues can significantly impact your return on investment as a wholesale vehicle buyer. Manheim’s Post-Sale Inspection (PSI) service provides a thorough inspection of your purchase before it leaves the lot, ensuring you get precisely what you purchased.

What is a PSI?

A PSI is a comprehensive mechanical, structural, and flood inspection following a sale that adheres to National Auto Auction Association guidelines. It provides a snapshot of the vehicle’s condition post-sale and can identify any inconsistencies with the listing condition. A PSI also comes with the PSI Guarantee, meaning that Manheim will make it right if any issues are missed, allowing you to buy confidently and knowing your investment is covered. Take a deep dive into PSI here.

How to Order a PSI:

  • Sign in to Your Manheim Account: Log in to your account here
  • Navigate to “Purchases”: Under “My Manheim,” find and select “Purchases.” 
  • Go to Vehicles: Click “Vehicles” to see your recent purchases. 
  • Select Order a PSI: Choose “Order a PSI” for the desired vehicle.

PSI Eligibility:

Manheim makes it easy to protect your purchase. Order a PSI online or in-lane, or subscribe to Automatic PSI and get ongoing protection on every purchase. Forgot to order before your purchase? Don’t worry—you can request a PSI up to five hours following a vehicle purchase. Read full details of eligibility here.

Protect Your Purchase