Thanks to your feedback, we’ve improved Manheim Express inspections.

With more CR details, dealers can be even more confident when they buy. When buyers trust the listings, sellers benefit from improved marketability. Manheim stands behind buyers with our Digital Buyer Protection, and sellers are supported by our Concierge Inspection Guarantee.

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New Diagnostic
Trouble Codes

When you know the codes, everyone wins

By providing access to Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) both on-site and online to all Manheim clients, we're boosting transparency, credibility and trust between buyers and sellers.

Better for buyers
  • Access to over 7000 DTCs to help identify potential issues
  • DTCs drive confidence to make more informed decisions
  • 87% of dealers say they're more likely to bid or buy when DTC info is available
Better for sellers
  • DTCs help sellers make informed pre-sale reconditioning decisions
  • 75% of sellers believe buyers are more likely to be interested in their vehicles when DTCs are present
Access DTCs with LotVision



We’re using Manheim’s expertise in vehicle information and technology to put you in the driver’s seat. The AutoGrade Condition Score removes subjectivity and provides a consistent score across the industry to power better, more confident decision making.

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Knowing what’s going on underneath the car is one of the best ways to assess potential issues. Being transparent about a vehicle’s undercarriage increases buyer and seller confidence.

  • You’ll start seeing more vehicles with high-res undercarriage imaging across the country (varies by location)
  • Identifying potential issues can help you gauge if additional Manheim assurance offerings are needed
  • Undercarriage ranks in the top 10 of most important images when evaluating a purchase
Better quality images. Fewer surprises.

With high-res imaging available on, OVE, Simulcast and ManheimExpress, we’re giving the confidence you’ll have in a car’s condition a swift kick in the bumper.

  • Zoom in close and pan around to see damage with more clarity
  • Clearly see the severity, size and location of documented and undocumented visible damages
  • Diminish post-purchase concerns
  • Plus, you can cover your purchase with Digital Buyer Protection
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New Manheim Express Condition Reports give buyers more confidence in their digital purchases and widens the audience for sellers.

  • More details around damaged items and types of damages surfaced
  • High-res images show severity, size and location of damage
  • When buyers gain more confidence, sellers benefit by gaining greater marketability
Demand for EVs is growing and so are our EV enhancements

Electric Vehicle sales are skyrocketing and our Condition Reports provide the mechanical info you need to make smarter EV buying and reconditioning decisions.

  • EV overview contains battery and charging info
  • Vehicle Description includes electric motor
  • Announcements include port/connector type and if charging cable is present
  • Fuel types for electric type vehicles are listed
  • Includes battery capacity and suggested EPA mileage which translates to range
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New Digital
Buyer Protection

We’re standing behind our Condition Reports for vehicles purchased digitally from OVE, Simulcast, inside the gate (Manheim & 3rd party), and offsite Concierge-generated Inspections.

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Centered Around You

Giving you greater confidence to make timely, intelligent decisions

Available Now
  • More images – up to 18 photos depending on vehicle
  • Audio and video capture
  • Damage details (available on Insight Condition Reports)
  • Quadrupling the number of Condition Report audits
  • Increased training hours for Condition Report writers and inspectors to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Monitoring arbitration claims that are reviewed with every location
  • Increased number of photographers
Continued Rollouts
  • Higher resolution images
  • Undercarriage imaging
  • More mechanical & safety information
  • More consistent Condition Reports
  • CR Advisory Council – ongoing, real-time listening to group of sellers and buyers to guide our areas of focus

The Competition


  • Formatted to make them easy to understand
  • Uses AutoGradeTM Service – a living mechanism that’s updated frequently and used across the entire wholesale industry for consistency
  • Features the images most important to buyers, including every angle of the exterior
  • Helps increase buyer confidence and perceived value by providing a greater variety of high-quality images
  • Includes 15 high-res images, plus 3 optional settings that vary by vehicle
  • Features pan and zoom functionality for greater visibility

New Feature

Damage Details now available on Insight Condition Reports

To add clarity and context to the damage conveyed on a vehicle, Manheim introduced damage details. Damage details includes location and severity and is available when you hover your cursor anywhere on the image and the yellow details bar will appear.

This view of damages at-a-glance saves time when determining reconditioning repairs or when considering a vehicle for purchase.

Insight Condition Reports now include information about Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.

This is currently only available on Insight Condition Reports.
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