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You have to make quick decisions at the auction — and you may not have all the information you need to make them. If you underestimate your reconditioning costs or lose your buyer, your business takes the hit. The DS360 guarantee eliminates that risk. Buy the vehicle and if it doesn't meet your needs, return it for a full refund.

Why DS360?

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Get up to 21 days and 360 post-purchase miles.

Easy Return, Any Reason

Return vehicle to any U.S. Manheim location, for any reason.

You're Protected

Full refund on purchase price, plus buy fee (up to $100K).

DealShield 360 Guarantee Features
Return window 21 days and 360 miles
Upgrade available: 30 days and 500 miles
Vehicle purchase price Up to $100K
For vehicles with a purchase price greater than $35,000, a 1.5% surcharge is applied to the difference.
Model years 20 years or newer
Mileage Less than 250,000
Vehicle eligibility Nearly 95% of all green- and red-light vehicles
Ineligible vehicles Not valid on TMU, TRA, salvage, biohazard or exotic / specialty / hand-built vehicles nor branded title (e.g. flood). For the full list of ineligible vehicles, please visit Vehicles with purchase prices significantly higher than market value may be invalidated. Vehicles purchased on an MSO and vehicles with state-issued reassigned VIN numbers are also ineligible.
Availability In-lane, Simulcast, and OVE purchases at all DealShield Network Auctions

*Does not include acts of God.

Enjoy the ultimate protection of the DS360 guarantee automatically on every eligible vehicle purchase across our extensive partner network.

DS360 guarantee offers one consistent rate for all purchases. SEE HOW

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