Thanks to your feedback, we’ve improved Manheim Express inspections.

With more CR details, dealers can be even more confident when they buy. When buyers trust the listings, sellers benefit from improved marketability. Manheim stands behind buyers with our Digital Buyer Protection, and Concierge Inspection Guarantee. Concierge-inspected vehicles also include Seller Release, which largely eliminates sellers’ arbitration risk for inspection-related claims, at no additional cost.

Manheim Express Brings Confidence to Wholesale. We've Got You Covered



The enhanced Manheim Express Condition Reports provide more details to increase vehicle’s marketability & expand your buyer audience.

How you Benefit

The enhanced condition reports contain more clarity around damaged items, high-res images that show their severity, size, and location. The heightened accuracy allows buyers to gain more confidence with improved CRs and gives sellers the advantage of gaining greater marketability.

Take Back Your Time

Show buyers exactly what they’re getting with our 360º imaging technology. Or one of our Concierge team members will come take the photos and list cars for you, right off your lot.

How you benefit

Capture quality 360º images that increase buyers’ confidence and your visibility. Short on time? Let a Manheim Express Concierge Service specialist list cars for you, helping you turn even faster.

The Manheim Express Concierge Team offers a turn-key solution for moving inventory quickly and effectively, right from your lot. In addition to completing vehicle inspections, imaging, recommending vehicle values, and listing your vehicles, these trusted advisors partner with you on your overall remarketing strategy. This full-service approach saves time, allowing you to manage all other aspects your business. Contact your local Manheim sales rep or call 1-866-MANHEIM to get started.

Plus, Concierge Inspection Guarantee. When you list a vehicle with our Concierge Service, the Concierge team executes a complimentary mechanical, cosmetic and structural inspection and backs the inspections results. See full terms and conditions.

Expand Your Market

With Manheim, you tap into the largest pool* of buyers in the business.

How you benefit

Manheim offers lower buy fees compared to shopping in-lane. Plus, sourcing online saves you trips to the auction, meaning you’ll save on transportation costs. Manheim Express recommendations are optimized for you, so you can select from a list of vehicles that fit within your wholesale strategy.

Manheim provides 360º imaging and Condition Reports, so dealers buy with total confidence. Vehicles listed with our Concierge Inspection Guarantee (CIG) undergo a comprehensive inspection and receive a graded, enhanced Condition Report so buyers can assess quality at a glance. Shopping via the Manheim MarketplaceSM means you have vast inventory to choose from, even listings from commercial consignors!

*Based on user purchase engagement across major auctions in 2022.

Leave It To Us

Now with Seller Release, sellers who use Manheim Express Concierge Service to inspect and list vehicles are relieved of responsibility for issues related to the vehicle’s condition.

How you benefit

Get coverage from inspection through sale and beyond.

Leave arbitration to us. We handle claims related to the Concierge team’s inspection in the rare case that issues come up post-sale with a Concierge-listed vehicle. You don’t have to interact with the buyer at all, avoiding all the hassles and saving time and money!

Gain confidence.. You don’t have to worry about misrepresenting your vehicles — we ensure the accuracy of the vehicle listings we create. See full terms and conditions.


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