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No Reserve. No Risk.

Only Upside.

Ready to open the door to more fresh trades? Manheim’s Upside Direct inventory is sourced directly from franchise dealers, and comes with special buyer-friendly perks that lower prices and minimize risk. Just look for listings with the Upside Direct U!

All bids start at 50% MMR. You always have a shot at winning high-quality cars below market value.

No reserves, so every vehicle sells to the highest bidder, and you never waste time bidding on a no sale.

360° images and third-party inspections on every listing, so you have a clear idea of the car you’re getting into.

Complimentary DealShield* protection with most purchases, so any returns are fast and easy.

Stay up-to-date with news and exclusive inventory deals

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finding fresh trades has never been easier

Just join the Manheim sale anytime Friday - Monday and look for listings with the Upside Direct U! It’s every dealer’s best path to high-quality wholesale inventory.

Frequently asked questions

How can I find the Upside Direct listings?

Upside Direct listings are offered on – you may use your existing credentials to log in. Upside Direct listings are also featured on and OVE and are easily located by utilizing the “Upside Direct” Highlight filter when searching.

How do I know where Upside vehicles are physically located?

You can use search filters to search for vehicles within a certain radius of a ZIP Code to shop locally.

All Upside Direct vehicles are at a dealer’s lot, so the listings will show “At Dealership” in the VEHICLE LOCATION field. The PICKUP field will show the city and state where the vehicle is located. From the SRP, the PICKUP field is just below the CR Grade.

On the Vehicle Details Page, the PICKUP field is on the right-hand side of the screen in the gray box.

What are the Buy Fees for Upside vehicles?

These units follow buy fee schedule. Buyers can view the expected fees for a specific vehicle by clicking/tapping “View Fees” from the Vehicle Details Page on Upside Direct.

Where do I make payments for Upside vehicles?

You can access all Upside Direct and Manheim purchases in one location by viewing your account on Once you’ve signed into your account…

  • Access Post-Sale Management from the Your Manheim Account drop down located in the top right of the page.
  • If you have multiple dealerships you buy for, select the desired account using the Switch Account drop-down menu. Click the Purchases tab and scroll to the vehicle for which you wish to a make payment.
  • Click the Make Payment button to get started. More information is available HERE.

How and when are the opening bid and MMR determined?

The opening bid is set at or below 50% of MMR as of the start of the Upside Direct auction. MMR updates overnight every night so dealers may notice changes in MMR from the start of the sale to the end. Market conditions could cause the MMR to go up or down. Any changes during the course of a weekend sale are usually, but not always, minor.

*Manheim Marketplace Policies apply. Eligible Upside Direct inventory includes complimentary DealShield protection for 21 days and up to 250 post-purchase miles. Covered vehicles must have: CR score of at least 1.0, sold price below $100,000 and sold price lower than 110% of MMR. As-is units qualify for this promotion. Exclusions from coverage can be found at, section 2.4. Buyers may return a maximum of 3 out of every 10 purchases, not to exceed 10 returns in a quarter.

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