Manheim Express
Concierge Inspection Guarantee

The Manheim Express Concierge Inspection Guarantee is complimentary for Concierge sellers and applied to every vehicle inspected by our Concierge inspector team. As part of the Concierge’s service package, our team conducts a mechanical, cosmetic, and structural inspection on every vehicle listed on Manheim Express. Manheim backs the inspection results for each Concierge inspection and Manheim will arbitrate any claims directly tied to the inspection, as detailed below, in place of the seller. This guarantee is multi-channel meaning it applies to vehicles inspected by the Concierge team and listed on Manheim Express, as well as when your listing is live on OVE or Simulcast.

How It Works:

The Concierge Inspection Guarantee will be automatically applied to every Manheim Express vehicle listed by a Concierge seller. This guarantee covers arbitration related to items in the Concierge Inspection report during a buyer’s arbitration window (OVE or Simulcast). Manheim Express operates under the OVE Addendum, Policy, and NAAA Policy. A buyer must be in possession of the vehicle with the Concierge Inspection Guarantee to begin an arbitration claim, at which point Manheim will respond to such claims on behalf of the seller. If a buyer is not in possession of such vehicle, the claim will be closed. To re-open a claim, the buyer must take retake possession within the applicable arbitration window (OVE or Simulcast). Arbitration claims may be made for a vehicle not possessed by buyer if such vehicle was marked “operable” in the Concierge Inspection report but were inoperable or unsafe to drive at the time buyer or its carrier picked-up the vehicle.

What is included in the Concierge Inspection report:

  • Cosmetic (also included in the Manheim Digital Buyer Protection)
    • Full exterior vehicle body (panels, bumpers, lights) assessment highlighting any damages including but not limited to previous repairs, dents, collision, hail damage, rust, missing parts and panels.
    • Vehicle glass (windshield and windows).
    • Tire tread depth reading.
    • Full interior inspection of dashboard, upholstery, and seating areas.
  • Interior
    • Vehicle climate control (factory equipped, A/C blows cold, etc).
    • Infotainment/Navigation screen and back up camera.
  • Exterior
    • Prior paint work, both substandard and acceptable work will be disclosed.
    • When equipped will inspect operation of sunroof, moonroof, and convertible tops.
    • Undercarriage inspection with audio and video capture.
    • Operation of door handles and latches (hood, trunk, tailgate).
    • Check for mismatched tires and wheel damage.
  • Frame Check
    • Structural and frame check including alternations (5th wheel hitch).
  • Mechanical Assessment
    • OBDII diagnostic and photo capture of readiness monitors and codes.
    • Multi point mech check under the hood and underneath the vehicle; checking engine condition for abnormal noises, vibrations, smoke both during cold start and after the vehicle has warmed up.
    • Vehicle suspension operation including aftermarket parts, alterations.
    • Audio and video recording of the engine bay while the vehicle is running.
    • Engine sludge check
    • Engine, exhaust, and emissions modifications and aftermarket parts.
    • SRS check; dashboard lights, codes, seat belts, and airbags.
    • Active oil and/or fluids leaks under the hoods and beneath the vehicle.
  • Drivability
    • Vehicle drivability including checking that all gears engage.
    • Inspection of the transmission is at parking lot speeds, engagement of the forward and reverse gear, including 4WD/AWD when equipped.
  • Autocheck
    • Integrated with Autocheck for odometer reading, accident history detail, and vehicle history events.

*Concierge Inspection Guarantee limited to above inspection items as listed on Concierge inspection report

Not included in the Concierge Inspection report or eligible for coverage under the Concierge Inspection Guarantee:

The seller is responsible for arbitration related to:

  • Further disclosures and marking the unit “AS-IS” for vehicle issues relating to items outside the inspected items.
  • Failure by seller to reset the vehicle’s readiness monitors prior to the inspection (e.g., "yellow light" monitors), and a fault code later appears for which the root cause is deemed valid for arbitration by the arbitrator.
  • “Vehicle History Issues” as defined by NAAA policy including, but not limited to, items such as Total Loss, Theft, Lemon Law, Taxi, Voided Factory Warranty, Flood, TMU, Title, Odometer, etc.;
  • Any failure to provide required disclosures per NAAA policy/OVE addendum (i.e. previously announced conditions, standing structural brands, etc.);
  • Exotic and/or handmade vehicles, which are excluded from guarantee. See link for full list.
  • Structural concerns only identifiable through the removal of panels or with the use of a lift.
  • Changes to vehicle condition following the inspection (e.g., becomes inoperable, transportation and lot damage that occurs after our inspection) as determined by arbitrator.
  • Vehicle that becomes inoperable within the applicable arbitration window (OVE, Simulcast) and mileage limits (e.g., engine seizes) as determined by arbitrator
  • Driveline concerns only detectable at speeds greater than typically permitted in a parking lot (e.g., transmission operation, differential noise, etc.);
  • EV/Hybrid battery and motor.
  • Vehicles that are inoperable and unsafe to drive at the time of inspection will be noted as such in the vehicle listing and will be excluded from coverage for claims related to mechanical issues. Seller must list vehicles that are Inoperable and unsafe to drive as “AS-IS” and disclose the unit is inoperable.