Hard Data,

Not Opinions.

Paving the Way for Confident Decision-Making

When it comes to buying or selling vehicles, subjective information can be misleading. That's why we use objective data collection methods that provide accurate and reliable information. Our approach allows you to make confident decisions that are right for your business.



Objective data collection is the cornerstone of our inspections. We use advanced technology to gather accurate information about a vehicle's mechanical condition, cosmetic damage, and other important details. We employ a suite of data collection methods to ensure an unbiased and complete picture of every vehicle, allowing you to make the decisions that are right for your business.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Our DTCs are sourced from on-board diagnostics (OBDII) and described using industry-standard terms, allowing consistency and accuracy. With codes updated in near real-time, every time the vehicle is started while on the lot, you can be sure they're always up to date.

Codes gathered using OBDII readers for on and off-site inventory

Over 70,000
industry codes

Decipher codes quickly with plain text industry descriptions

Running Engine Video and Audio Capture

Running Engine Video and Audio Capture

Exclusive to our Manheim Express Concierge service, A/V cold start running engine data provides a unique view of a vehicle's engine condition, allowing for a more accurate assessment of its overall health.

  • Hear the running engine after a cold start
  • See the engine bay in motion to evacuate visible wear items
Mechanical Condition

Mechanical Condition

Our expert inspectors provide observations, not opinions, on the vehicle's mechanical condition that DTCs may not uncover. This includes engine noise, transmission shifting, and other essential factors affecting a vehicle's condition. For a more robust mechanical inspection, Post Sale Inspection and Limited Powertrain Inspection are available to guarantee the vehicle's mechanical condition.

Expert Manheim inspectors evaluate the mechanical properties of the car

Fluid leaks, exhaust smoke, abnormal noise

Transmission engagement and engine operation

Cosmetic Damage

Cosmetic Damage

Get a complete view of all a vehicle's imperfections with location and type of damage, allowing you to make your own repair assessments and informed decisions about the vehicle. You'll receive the clearest and most accurate imaging and detailed damage assessments.

  • Close-up images of cosmetic damage
  • Location and type of any damage (dent, scratch, etc.)
  • Automatic damage detection (coming soon)
Vehicle Build Data

Vehicle Build Data

We provide manufacturer vehicle build information, which includes essential details about the vehicle's equipment and options based on VIN-specific OEM data. Easily determine pricing and packages specific to each vehicle.

Manufacturer build data
based on VIN

High-value features highlighted
for fast decision-making

Condition Grade

Condition Grade

Condition grade is our formula-driven tool that gives a reliable and accurate overview of vehicle conditions in a quick, easy-to-digest figure. We consider all aspects of a vehicle to provide the ultimate unbiased assessment of a vehicle's condition. Filter results and find the right inventory fast.

  • Scoring based on cosmetic damage, mechanic condition, and maintenance/wear items
  • Consistent scoring formula is the same for every car, regardless of model year
  • We share our AutoGrade® Condition Score algorithms with other auctions to allow for consistent condition assesments across the industry
Electric Vehicle Battery Health

Electric Vehicle Battery Health

For electric and hybrid vehicles, we provide VIN-specific insights of the vehicle's battery health. See the remaining percentage of the original battery range, giving you valuable data you need to make confident decisions. *Limited Models and locations, expanding in 2024

Battery capacity
today vs. new

Vehicle range
today vs. new

Compare if a car's battery is above or below average

*The content listed is not inclusive of all data provided in a Manheim Condition Report and not all Manheim Condition Reports will contain all of the content listed.

Manheim does not guarantee that a Condition Report is inclusive of all possible vehicle issues and does not assume arbitration liability for undisclosed issues.


Fewer Doubts

We understand the importance of accurate data. Using industry-leading technology, we provide you with the most comprehensive and objective information available. Whether you're buying or selling a vehicle, we're here to help you make confident decisions that are best for your business based on hard data, not opinions.

Let us build your success story. Request a sales consultation today.

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