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Manheim is giving
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Manheim and Fyusion have developed powerful hardware and artificial intelligence to keep up with the growing demand for wholesale imaging. By delivering high resolution images for almost every vehicle that passes through a Manheim Auction, our clients can make more informed and confident decisions that are right for their business.

Handheld Imaging

Impact on the industry

The combination of computer vision algorithm technology with the efficiency of an auction is the foundation of the fixed image tunnel. Every time a car is moved or receives some element of human interaction, a resource is used - time, money, etc. The goal was to create a solution for imaging cars that fits seamlessly into the auction flow and requires as little time and human interaction as possible, thus creating significant cost savings. Ultimately, the fixed image tunnel sees and processes a vehicle so comprehensively that it is as good as actually seeing the car in person, at a fraction of the time and cost.

Since launching tunnels in 2022, Manheim has already captured over one million 360-degree image sets to provide Manheim clients the industry’s most consistent and objective vehicle information.

Fixed imaging tunnels at manheim

The fixed imaging tunnel is designed to support the busiest auctions in America. In less than one minute, the tunnel captures highly specific images of the highest quality with the consistency of an algorithm, all while the vehicle stays in constant motion. The tunnels are positioned to photograph vehicles as soon as they enter the auction property.

Capturing this level of imagery manually could take 30 minutes or more per vehicle. In a matter of seconds, the fixed imaging tunnel captures, processes, and organizes all the data in a way that yields the consistent, high-quality images that are required by Manheim sellers and buyers.

Undercarriage Imaging
Interior Imaging

technical design

This system executes both imaging and damage analysis simultaneously. To accomplish this, there are a number of advanced technologies involved, from adapting vehicle speed, to imaging angles and imaging processing, to upload speed. In the background, machine learning identifies the vehicles condition, damage type, and damage location. This technological feat is only compounded by the sheer scale at which Manheim operates.

The photographs are used for merchandising, while the scans train an expansive machine learning model that can extract damage off the exterior of the vehicle as it moves through the tunnel. Damage detection is an emerging technology that is targeted to deploy for Manheim clients in 2024.

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