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No matter where you are buying and selling within the Manheim Marketplace, our imaging solutions tell a vehicle's story by highlighting unique details and damages that put you in control of your buying and selling decisions. With a complete view of a vehicle, you can say goodbye to post-sale surprises and hello to successful business outcomes.

Manheim’s Vehicle Image Capture Technology

Discover how Manheim photographs millions of cars for the busiest auctions in America, empowering you to make the right decisions for your business.

the road


We are committed to providing the most innovative imaging in the industry and are the first to engineer and deploy automatic damage detection. Join us as we transform vehicle information and your digital marketplace experience.

  • 20+ fixed image tunnels launching this year
  • Undercarriage Imaging at 26 Manheim Locations
  • Automatic Damage Detection deploying in 2023
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes available at 70+ Manheim Locations and Manheim Express Inspections
  • EV Battery Health expanded vehicle compatibility

imaging solutions

for every need

Backed by industry-leading technology, our suite of imaging services delivers a complete and accurate visual representation of a vehicle. View the highest quality images in the industry with Fixed Imaging, unlock convenience with Handheld Imaging, leave no stone unturned with Undercarriage Imaging, and get down to the details with Interior Imaging.

Fixed Imaging

Unlock confidence in your digital car buying and selling journey. Our fixed imaging tunnel captures unmatched detail through consistent angles and superior resolution for almost all vehicles that enter the auction gates.

*Available At Select Locations

Icon Fixed 1

12 consistent

Icon Fixed 2

50 cameras
capture 1/2"

Icon Fixed 3

Light mimics
natural sunlight

Fixed Image Capture
Handheld Imaging

Handheld Imaging

Manheim Handheld Imaging can be done anytime, anywhere, including your own retail lot with a Manheim Express Concierge.

This convenience allows you to avoid wholesale transportation expenses or expensive professional photographers.

Icon Mobile 1

6 high-
resolution images with hotspots

Icon Mobile 2

Clear, consistent
360 degree

Icon Mobile 3

Audio and
video of
running engine

Undercarriage Imaging

Spot oil leaks, worn bushings, rust, or other costly repairs before they become trouble down the road. Undercarriage Imaging provides a comprehensive view only achievable under the car.

Icon Undercarriage 1

No clearance

Icon Undercarriage 2

and zoom

Icon Undercarriage 3


Undercarriage Imaging
Interior Imaging

Interior Imaging

Interior Imaging brings the car's interior into high definition, providing crystal-clear photography from the most illuminating angles down to the last fiber.

Icon Interior 1

every inch

Icon Interior 2

More images
to tell the story

Icon Interior 3

images for
unique vehicles

see the big picture

to learn how our image packages

empower confident decision-making

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