Thanks to your feedback, we've improved Manheim Express inspections.

With more CR details, dealers can be even more confident when they buy. When buyers trust the listings, sellers benefit from improved marketability.
Manheim stands behind buyers with our Digital Buyer Protection, and sellers are supported by our Concierge Inspection Guarantee.

Turning Data into Actionable Insights

Bid confidently with Manheim Condition Reports, leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven methods to empower your unique business decisions.

Confidence in Every Transaction. Comprehensive and Unbiased.

Manheim Condition Reports provide an in-depth and unbiased perspective of each vehicle, enabling you to make confident purchasing decisions. With a Condition Report, you can:

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Quickly identify vital information through Tell-Tale icons.

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Assess the vehicle's condition more accurately with high-resolution images.

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Refine your inventory search effectively using a reliable condition score.

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Make better-informed choices with detailed Build Data specific to each VIN.

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Address potential mechanical or structural issues through Diagnostic Trouble Codes and other inspector-observed conditions.

Discover What’s Included
in a Manheim Condition Report

Still want a closer look? Consider Post-Sale Inspections and Limited Powertrain Inspections for a more extensive mechanical assessment.

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As Is

As-Is Condition Reports for Low Value Vehicles

Manheim Express As-Is Condition Reports show what is right instead of what is wrong for high-mileage or significantly damaged vehicles, including Salvage, TRA, and bio/fire/flood.

Be informed with images and essential condition information.

Electric Vehicle Battery Health

Seller Disclosures for Self-Listed Inventory

Seller's Disclosures, completed by the seller, offer insights into the vehicle's cosmetic, mechanical, and structural condition, allowing you to weigh the information provided against your purchasing criteria.

Manheim does not validate or certify the content of the seller's disclosure.

Special Coverage for Digital and Manheim Express Buyers

As a Digital Buyer, you'll receive additional protection with our Digital Buyer Protection. This coverage extends arbitration for vehicles with a Manheim Condition Report, arriving with undocumented visible exterior damage, unacceptable undocumented paintwork, or missing exterior equipment.

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For buyers of Manheim Express listings, the Manheim Express Concierge Inspection Guarantee or Inspection Guarantee provides you with extra confidence. Manheim stands behind its inspection related to cosmetic, mechanical, electrical accessory, and drivability condition issues, ensuring a secure and worry-free buying experience.

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Ready to Experience the Benefits of Manheim Condition Reports?

Don't wait any longer to unlock the benefits of a Manheim Condition Report. Order a Condition Report now, and gain access to the comprehensive, unbiased data you need to make confident vehicle purchasing decisions.

*Content displayed on Manheim Condition Reports, As-Is Condition Reports, or Seller's Disclosures may vary, and not all content listed above will be available on every vehicle. Buyers and sellers are responsible for their purchases, and condition reports are provided as guidance only. Manheim is not responsible for omissions except where covered by a guarantee or release.

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