Derek Hansen, Vice President of Offsite Solutions at Manheim, recently gave a webinar for Automotive News as part of their PowerTraining series.

You may view the recorded webinar on YouTube and follow along with this outline below.


Digital continues to grow

  • Digital-only transactions were up 20% vs. prior year
  • 44% of vehicles were sold to digital buyers through Manheim
  • Nearly 150,000 unique users logged in to Manheim’s websites and apps each month on average
  • Manheim’s digital channels received 78.2 million visits.

More dealers are using digital channels to buy and sell wholesale

  • 46% expect an increase in digital transactions in
    the next twelve months
  • 41% will use a digital service or app to buy inventory if it fulfills a top need
  • 33% will use a digital service or app to sell inventory if it fulfills a top need
  • 15% will increase transactions with “other dealerships” in the next twelve months

Why dealers are turning to digital wholesaling

  1. Digital wholesale brings efficiency that impacts your bottom line.
  2. The online marketplace is becoming less risky.
  3. 24/7 digital wholesaling allows you to do more with less.
  4. Smart wholesaling can increase your bottom line.

Why all online auctions aren’t created equally

Does your wholesale Marketplace bring the eyeballs you need To get your cars sold?

Manheim Express features a 24-hour process with a much better buying experience.


Does your wholesale Marketplace provide offers that reduce risk to ensure peace of mind?

Manheim Express offers a Guaranteed First Bid(SM) that guarantees the price paid if a car doesn’t sell within 48 hours.

Does your wholesale Marketplace provide details on the cosmetic condition of the vehicle?

Manheim Express offers 360-degree imaging that shows a full, unfiltered view of the vehicle.

Does your wholesale Marketplace offer the breadth of inventory that fits your needs?

Manheim offers the largest marketplace with the widest spectrum of vehicles and buyers looking for them, from coast to coast.

Does your wholesale Marketplace have the infrastructure to help with post-sale needs?

Manheim has 78 years of experience, 77 physical locations, and 17,000 employees nationwide, dedicated to serving dealers.


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